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AMAZING results Eliza!….Eliza lost 29cms using Super charged program, with only 6 HDC+S120 sessions!

Eliza has thyroid issues and also suffers from fluid retention so she is thrilled she got immediate results!


Stacey our BRIDE TO BE!…. lost 42cms in 12 sessions using the Supercharge program…HYPOXI-DERMOLOGY + L250 Combo package!

Waist 5cm, Stomach 8cm, Hips 9cm, Bottom 6cm, Legs 3cm, Relaxed Leg 3cm, Contracted Leg 6cm, Knee 2cm

*Individual results may vary


Rosalin lost 5kgs and 50cm with Results Package!

(Waist 8cm, Stomach 11cm, Hips 8cm, Bottom 9cm, Legs 6cm, Relaxed Leg 3cm, Contracted Leg 3cm, Knee 2cm)


‪‎HYPOXI‬‬‬‬ is perfect to help new mum’s get back into shape after babies.

Maddi from HYPOXI Studio Cairns lost 12cms and 3kg in 4 weeks after giving birth over 12 weeks ago

*Individual results may vary


Kristy lost 3.9kg and 34cm from her problem areas in time for her big day!

Waist: 5cm, Stomach: 7cm, Hips: 6cm, Bottom 6cm, Legs 1cm, Relaxed Thigh 4cm, Contracted Thigh 4cm, Knee 1cm


Sophie lost 2kg and 24cm in 15 sessions using S120 Trainer!

(Waist 1cm, Stomach 1cm, Hips 2cm, Bottom 2cm, Legs 4cm, Relaxed Leg 6cm, Contracted Leg 6cm, Knee 2cm)

*Individual results may vary


Pam (70 years old) lost an amazing 32.5cm of the lower part of her body

Waist 3cm, Stomach 6.5cm, Hips 5cm, Bottom 5cm, Legs 2.5cm, Relaxed Leg 4cm, Contracted Leg 4.5cm, Knee 2cm


Kristy Allen lost an amazing 6.5kgs and 66.5cms from her stubborn areas with HYPOXI!

(Waist 10cms, stomach 12cms, hips 8cms, bottom 9cms, legs 7cms, relaxed leg 10cms contracted leg 10.5cms)

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HYPOXI Weight Loss Success Story: Penny

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